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French Coralie Hayme beats the competition at Junior Worlds
French Coralie Hayme beats the competition at Junior Worlds
9 Oct 2021 22:35
IJF Media team by Nicolas Messner
IJF Gabriela Sabau / International Judo Federation

At the Jubnior World Championships in Italy’s island city Olbia Marit Kamps of the Netherlands was not really a surprise, as she arrived as the top seed here in Olbia. She joined Coralie Hayme of France in the final. Actually the French judoka was seeded number two and so this was not a surprise either, in a category where athletes are more and more showing incredible physical and technical capabilities and a great ability to throw.

The least that can be said is that Coralie Hayme dominated the final. Never really in danger, she controlled the kumi-kata perfectly, pushing Kamps to be penalised twice and at the right moment, the French fighter executed a low tai-otoshi to score waza-ari, one she kept until the final gong, for a well deserved junior world title. Hayme's mastery at that level of competition was quite impressive. Nothing seemed to bother her and she applied the perfect tactics.

Coralie Hayme said, "I was thinking too much all day long, in every contest. Before the final I said to myself, ‘be proud,’ so in order to be proud I had to give everything. I could have been more mobile but it was ok. She did what I expected before the contest. I did not want to reach golden score or count on shidos so I tried to score and I did it and now I’m proud and happy."

Despite many difficulties, Venezuela is one of the countries that puts athletes in the position to win medals regularly, here with Amarantha Urdaneta, but also on the World Judo Tour. She faced Hilal Ozturk of Turkey; a country that has a strong recent history in the women's heavy weight division. In less than 45 seconds the result was known, with Ozturk scoring waza-ari from a maki-komi technique, followed with an immobilisation for ippon.

Lea Fontaine, also from France, was hoping for a better finishing position, but she had to limit herself to compete for bronze against Elisabeth Pflugbeil of Germany. The same scenario occurred here as during the first bronze medal contest, with a first waza-ari from Fontaine followed by an immobilisation for ippon and a new medal for the French delegation.

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