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31-year-old Michael Basile died. Fabio reacts on social media
31-year-old Michael Basile died. Fabio reacts on social media
25 Nov 2021 10:30

Sad news from Italy where Michael Basile passed away, he is the brother of 2016 Olympic Champion Fabio Basile. Fabio responded on his social media: "Hello Mike, blood of my blood. I loved you" …. begins the message posted on social media by Fabio Basile, for his brother Michael, who passed away at just 31 years old in circumstances still to be clarified. The first hypotheses speak of cardiac arrest, which would have hit the young man when he was at home alone, in his home in Rosta, in the province of Turin.

Michael Basile was Italian cadet Champion in 2005 as a lightweight. He took a bronze medal at the Italian Junior Championships in 2007 fighting U55kg. he is four year older than Fabio.

The news of the tragic event was given by the mother, Tiziana, and by the same judoka who spoke in moving terms on social media of the older brother, in turn a judo athlete, who over the years has made him a guide and example in the world of sport. We wanted you with all our heart and when you arrived you filled our life with joy – these are the words of the mother, accompanied by a photo of the young man in the commemorative posts that have appeared on social media -. You were so small and fragile. And even when you were “big” you were: hard on the outside and tender on the inside.

Michael was born in Rivoli, like his brother Fabio, and played in the Judo team of Settimo Torinese. It was Mom who found Michael’s lifeless body last Friday. The woman had gone to her son’s house after he hadn’t answered some phone calls. In these days there will be an autopsy that will decree the causes of death.

The causes of Michael Basile’s death have yet to be clarified: the young man was found by his mother lifeless in his apartmen

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