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Judoka Islam Al-Shehabi was acquitted of doping charges

16 Aug 2020 21:35

Egyptian judo player Islam Al-Shehabi who refused to shake the hand of his Israeli opponent in the 2016 Olympic Games, has been cleared of taking drugs. Islam Al-Shehabi was granted the ruling after the Court of Sport Arbitration (CAS) issued its decision to lift his eight-year suspension last week. Read more


Hifumi Abe's Sode

15 Aug 2020 12:15

When you think of Hifumi Abe (JPN), morote-seoi-nage normally comes to mind. But he's also a sode-tsurikomi-goshi expert and he can do many combinations off his unique sode movement (e.g. osoto, kouchi, tai-otoshi). Oon Yeoh analysed the outstanding Japanese specialist. Read more


Naidan Tüvshinbayar elected President of the Mongolian NOC

14 Aug 2020 21:00

In 2008 Mongolian Naidan Tüvshinbayar became the first Olympic Champion in the sporting history of his country. Twelve years later exactly, on 14th August 2020, he was elected President of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee, by an overwhelming majority. Read more


Wanted: Top Coaches for Judo Austria

10 Aug 2020 13:30

Judo Austria is planning ahead and making rearrangements for the period until Olympic Games 2024 in Paris. The Federation is currently looking for coaching staff for their national teams for the next Olympic Cycle. “We want to raise Judo Austria’s level – with the best mix of national and international experts,” says Martin Poiger, President of Judo Austria. Read more


Lebanese Judo Federation hurt but just damaged

7 Aug 2020 10:50

The Lebanese Judo Federation (FLJDA) is suffering as well from the tragic blast in the city. The Judo Federation responds with a message. “We highly appreciate your message of support and sympathy to the Lebanese people during these harsh and trying times.” Read more


Relive the epic All Japan final Kosei Inoue and Keiji Suzuki with their commentary

7 Aug 2020 09:55

One of the most heroic finals in Japan was the 2003 edition of the All Japan Championships between Kosei Inoue and Keiji Suzuki. Both legends, both are involved in the men’s All Japan mens team leading up to the Tokyo Olympic Games. This competition is held in open weight and turned out to be a legendary tournament and also marked the last match of another legendary fighter Shinichi Shinohara. Read more


Judo lightweight Ryo Kawabata defeats 115kg heavier opponent

5 Aug 2020 08:40

Judo is one of the most popular combat sports around. One challenge is how to make matchups as fair, and not to give one competitor the edge over the other. The way it is differentiated is by the various weight classes, and this approach works across most combat sport disciplines. Recently though, former Grand Slam Tokyo finallist Ryo Kawabata has bucked this trend somewhat. Read more

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