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Jimmy Pedro introduces the American Judo System

30 Oct 2020 14:15

Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens are about to launch a new website called the American Judo System In this exclusive interview, Oon Yeoh of JudoCrazy spoke to Jimmy about this new endeavor. Today Jimmy turned 50, what a time to introduce something new. Read more


Serbian junior Andrea Stojadinov with senior results

28 Oct 2020 09:10

Last weekend one specific medal caught our eyes. Serbian Lightweight Andrea Stojadinov defeated Paris finalist and Düsseldorf winner Shirine Boukli for bronze. Stojadinov seems to pick up the pace in at senior level. An amount of points will help her to reach the Tokyo Olympic Games. The efforts of last spring in her own little pink dojo with her brother pay off. Oon Yeoh of JudoCrazy asked her how she prepared for this success. Read more


Theme for World Judo Day is STRONGER TOGETHER

28 Oct 2020 06:35

The theme for World Judo Day in 2020 is ’STRONGER TOGETHER’ which is a pledge to spread our values when the world needs it most. After the success of the 2019 edition, which saw more than 6,000 trees planted across the five continents, the IJF is once again active to carry out its values. The occasion will be organised and marked on 28th October, all over the world, to celebrate the values of judo. Read more

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